Our Favorite Things

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Tried and trusted tools for little hands


Get your sewist started right with our tried and true favorite sewing tools. After 30+ years of sewing and 7+ years of teaching kids to sew, we’ve learned what products and tools are best to set kids up for success! The “Our Favorite Things” bundle includes:

  • Fabric Scissors-perfect for small hands
  • 25 Sewing Clips- these handy little clips are used in place of pins to hold fabric together. Kids prefer using the clips when they can to avoid handling sharp pins
  • Rainbow Embroidery Scissors- a fun way to trim threads with less risk of cutting your fabric
  • Magnetic Pin Cushion and Pins- a safe place to keep those sharp pins and needles.
  • Magnetic Seam Guide- our favorite first tool attaches to the danger zone of your sewing machine and helps keep your fabric and stitches straight
  • Measuring Tape
  • 4 Pattern Weights- there’s no need to pin pattern pieces to the fabric when you can hold them in place with these simple weights and trace it with your…
  • 1 Washable Marker- our favorite marking tool for fabric with trusted washabality even after time
  • 1 unsharpened pencil- perfect for poking out corners when turning things right side out
  • 1 piece Tailor’s Chalk- for marking darker fabrics or when you want to be able to wipe off easily
  • 1 Seam Ripper- because mistakes happen but failure is the best teacher
  • Spool of thread
  • A few cuts of fabric so you can get started creating right away