Frequently Asked Questions

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Who can use School of Thread?

We write all of our patterns in an easy to understand way with lots of pictures to help explain each step. Through our testing, we have found that as long a child has pretty good reading comprehension they can do the program independently, around age 8 or 9. We trust that you know your child best and can determine when they are ready to handle using the sewing machine and sharp scissors and pins in a safe way.

My 6 year old REALLY wants to learn how to sew, would it work for them?

Younger children can certainly succeed in our program with adult guidance. If you watch them and help them with some of the fine motor stuff and read through and work together, we think younger kids can do it too. It is a great activity to do together.

I have 2 children, do I need to purchase 2 Kits?

No! We have twins, so we know it’s tough to buy 2 of everything! We have individual Project Packs that work great for siblings so you can add on a second set of project materials to your Kits each month for a small charge. These Kits also work great if your child wants to make a pattern again and wants the ease of having everything ready to go.

How long does it take to complete each project?

It typically takes between 60-90min to complete the first few months of projects. As the months go on, some of the more advanced projects may take a few sittings of 60 minutes to complete. 

When will I receive my first order?

Typically your first order gets to you in 3-5 business days of placing the order. Your subsequent orders ship on the 5th of each month. Feel free to add a note to your order if you prefer to rush (for a charge) or delay your order to accommodate a special event and we will do our best to help.

My child already knows how to sew, are there kits for him/her?

We are hard a work adding new Kits and projects to our site. Make sure you sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know when new projects are added. You can take a look at our Rainbow Curriculum to figure out what color level of projects will work for your child.

Do I have to use the Kits in order?

We have developed our curriculum in a way that each lessons builds on skills learned in previous lessons. For the best experience, if you have never sewn before, we DO recommend going in order. Sometimes we introduce language or techniques in a lesson and future lessons may assume you already have this knowledge. You also receive sewing tools for each lesson so an earlier tool may be needed again in a future lesson. We know sometimes our more advanced projects looks more exciting but you’ll get a better result if you work your way up to develop the appropriate skills along the way.

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