Rainbow Curriculum

We’ve designed our Rainbow Curriculum as an easy way to identify which projects you are capable of completing at any time. All students start at level RED and make their way through the rainbow as new skills are learned and practiced. We want to make sure each sewist is able to have success with our projects and this system of identifying skills needed and difficulty levels helps ensure this.


  • I can identify the parts of the sewing machine
  • I can thread the sewing machine
  • I can wind a bobbin
  • I can Backstitch and Pivot
  • I know how to be safe using the sewing machine
  • I am learning how to sew straight

Red Kits

More Kits Coming Soon!


  • I can steer my fabric and keep my seam allowance even
  • I remember to put right sides together
  • I can control my speed when sewing
  • I take my foot off the gas to remove clips and pins
  • I know how to change the stitch on my sewing machine
  • I am learning how to turn a tube with a safety pin
  • I am learning how to applique and topstitch


  • I can cut out pattern pieces from a paper pattern correctly
  • I can use a measuring tape to measure
  • I know how to pin when necessary
  • I can sew accurately
  • I can sew a curve
  • I can sew velcro
  • I can focus on projects that take longer
  • I am learning new techniques like boxing corners

Yellow Kits


  • I can be creative in planning projects
  • I can cut and prepare a pattern independently
  • I can follow shapes to sew on applique or facial features
  • I know how to use a seam ripper
  • I can hand sew a turning hole shut
  • I can hem
  • I am starting to understand basic construction


  • I am learning how to safely use the iron
  • I can make an elastic casing
  • I know how to change the foot on the sewing machine
  • I can sew a zipper
  • I have patience to work on a project that takes a few sittings to complete
  • I am gaining more sewing skills and can do more complicated projects
  • I am learning how to measure myself to decide on what size clothing to make

Blue Kits

More coming soon!

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