About Us

School of Thread

Fun and educational sewing kits for kids and adults.

Our sewing patterns are written with lots of details

and step by step photos to ensure your success!

Learn to Sew or create new projects with our Kits.

School of Thread is a pattern company that creates detailed, easy to follow sewing patterns that are easy to store and reuse. Kids can follow our instructions independently. Our sewing curriculum teaches you how to sew at home through fun Project Kits.

My Story

Hi, I’m Caitlin. With a background in education and a passion for sewing, I decided to combine my talents and opened my sewing studio, The Makery, in 2015. Throughout my years teaching adults and kids to sew, I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. I’d seen so many frustrated people struggling with poorly written patterns that I started writing my own to use instead. I strive to encourage independence and skill building with projects and patterns that students are excited to create. School of Thread is a way for me to give people all over the world The Makery experience. I know we don’t all have a local sewing school or a crafty relative around to teach our kids (or ourselves) to sew. The School of Thread sewing kits are an exciting way for your child to learn how to sew at home. Our Kits and Projects give them fun new experiences and the pride of making something all by themselves. Even though our Kits are designed with kids in mind, we promise adults can use them too to finally figure out that sewing machine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use School of Thread?

We write all of our patterns in an easy to understand way with lots of pictures to help explain each step. Through our testing, we have found that as long a child has pretty good reading comprehension they can do the program independently, around age 8 or 9. We trust that you know your child best and can determine when they are ready to handle using the sewing machine and sharp scissors and pins in a safe way.

My 6 year old REALLY wants to learn how to sew, would it work for them?

Younger children can certainly succeed in our program with adult guidance. If you watch them and help them with some of the fine motor stuff and read through and work together, we think younger kids can do it too. It is a great activity to do together.

I have 2 children, do I need to purchase 2 Kits?

No! We have twins, so we know it’s tough to buy 2 of everything! Some of our smaller projects come with enough materials to make more than 1. We do sell “Materials Only” Kits for all of our projects.  These Kits also work great if your child wants to make a pattern again and wants the ease of having everything ready to go. You can add a Sibling Add On Subscription each month to get 1 Pattern and 1 set of tools but 2 sets of the project materials.