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Learn to Sew

Our easy to follow patterns make it easy for anyone to learn how to sew! Our patterns are written especially for young and beginner sewists with lots of explanation and photos to ensure success!

Coming Soon: Join the Monthly Makers Club & receive a new sewing project & surprises each month! 

Teach Yourself How to Sew at Home

Sew Fun

Skill Building

Not only is sewing both practical and creative, it also develops planning and math skills, strengthens fine motor skills, encourages patience and perseverance, and helps everyone beam with pride! We can’t help but enjoy that it gets our kids off of screens too.

Sew Easy

Everything You Need

Everything you need for your project is included in each kit: fabric, thread, sewing tools… AND, we’ve included a high quality instruction booklet to use again and again with a pocket in the back to store your pattern pieces. All you need is a sewing machine. We provide the rest.

Sew Cool

Popular Projects

We use modern fabrics and on-trend themes so our projects appeal to today’s kids. If you are going to spend time making something, it should be both fun and useful. We also include our favorite tools that have been tried and tested by all the sewists in our studio.

Sew Smart

Created by Educators

We’ve been teaching kids to sew in our studio since 2015. Our experience enables us to anticipate challenges and guide you through them. Our kits provide step-by-step photos and detailed instructions. And we’re just an email away if you need help. 

How the Monthly Makers Club Works

1. Get a Machine

All you need a sewing machine. We’ll send you the rest.

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Don’t have one yet? We sell Eversewn sewing machines and have other recommendations to fit a variety of budgets. Or maybe a family member or friend has a sewing machine you can use.

Our instructions cover a variety of types of sewing machines and we’re just an email away if you need help with your particular type of sewing machine.

Each Sewing Kit will come with all needed fabrics, sewing tools and notions and a full color step by step instruction booklet to guide you through a project. 

2. Learn to Sew!

Our Learn to Sew Starter Kit will teach you how to use your sewing machine and get started sewing. You can purchase this now or choose to have this be your first month of the Monthly Makers Club.

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If you’ve never sewn before we encourage you to begin with the Learn to Sew Starter Kit before picking add-on projects to ensure your success.

Once you know the basics of the machine, shop our individual Project Kits for projects that match your skill level and interest. You’ll develop new sewing skills with each project. We label each project with a rainbow color that indicates it’s difficulty level based on these learned skills. Read more about our School of Thread curriculum.

With all of our Project Kits, you’ll get everything you need: fabric, tools, instruction book and patterns you can use again and again.

3. Sew More Projects!

Purchase individual Project Kits or Join the Monthly Makers Club for a new surprise Project Kit every month.

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COMING SOON! Join our Monthly Makers Club! With this subscription service the special child in your life will get a new Sewing Project Kit each month! Your recipient will get a step by step instruction booklet, fabric, notions and tools in every box to make a fun surprise sewing project . Join the waitlist to be first to know when the Monthly Makers Club opens!

Each month’s project will teach new sewing skills. The projects are exclusive to the Monthly Makers Club and are not available to purchase until after our Club Members have received their orders.

You can find available Project Kits in Our Shop.

Choose Your Plan

Individual kits and projects packs available in the Shop.

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