Scrunchies & Headbands Project Kit


Make Scrunchies and Headbands!


The Scrunchies & Headbands Kit contains a 15 page full color booklet to guide you through sewing both a scrunchie and a headband. You’ll learn new sewing skills and tips while making your projects. In this project you’ll learn how to measure, how to turn a tube with a safety pin and more!

The Scrunchies & Headbands Project is #3 in the series and we recommend that you already know how to use a sewing machine and sew straight before trying this project.

The high quality booklet contains tons of pictures and step by step instructions to ensure your success. Your Kit comes with enough materials to make 1 Headband and 2 Scrunchies

The Scrunchies & Headbands Kit will be shipped to the recipient with FREE shipping anywhere in the US.

You will get:

  • step by step instruction booklet with storage pocket for your
  • reusable pattern pieces
  • stitch guide
  • elastic
  • safety pins
  • flexible measuring tape
  • pattern weights
  • pre-cut fabric
  • thread


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