Learn to Sew Starter Kit


Learn how to use your sewing machine! Comes with everything you need to practice and learn PLUS your first Project Kit


The School of Thread Learn to Sew Starter Kit contains a 36 page full color booklet to guide you through getting to know your sewing machine and all the fabric and materials you will need to learn how to use your machine. It also includes a Project Kit to make your first project!  And to top it off, we’ve added some of our favorite tools to set you up for sewing success.

We recommend this Starter Kit for ages 8 and up.

The high quality pattern contains tons of pictures and step by step instructions, a three page glossary of sewing terms and a Sewing Machine Parts Diagram to help you learn to use any sewing machine.

The Learn to Sew Booklet teaches you how to:

  • identify the parts of your sewing machine
  • wind a bobbin
  • thread your machine
  • load a drop in bobbin or a front loading bobbin
  • set your dials and buttons on both a mechanical machine or a computerized machine
  • safety operate your sewing machine
  • sew straight
  • backstitch
  • pivot

You will also get:

  • a spool of thread
  • a magnetic seam guide
  • fabric scissors perfect for smaller hands
  • a few sewing clips
  • a Sewing Machine Parts Diagram
  • scrap fabric to practice with
  • fabric, ribbon and poly-fil to make a simple practice project
  • a Project Kit to make your first full project- Pattern Weights
  • Project Kit includes instruction booklet, pattern pieces, fabric, ribbon & poly beads
  • lots of tips and tricks to help you teach yourself how to sew

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